Catalog / Book Design

Below are the covers of catalogs and books that JLAD has designed. Please click the images to view the full catalog or book online.


Justice Design Group - Choices Main Catalog

This catalog is the company's "go-to" catalog for all things Justice Design. With nearly 400 pages,
this catalog has photos, data charts, and option bars that show a customer how versatile the fixtures
can be. The title "CHOICES" really does describe what a customer has when it comes to the products
this company produces so well.







DollarCamp - Digital Edition

Previously, the client was using a 8.5" x 5.5" spiral bound booklet of about 40 pages as a course book for their content.
The founders of DollarCamp wanted to expand their content and create a custom design for beauty industry schools,
specifically for the Paul Mitchell brand schools.

An 8.5" x 11", 100 page coursebook was created using updated content, although the client kept the original
character illustrations, with a few color changes. The look of the design was created specifically for the students that
attend the Paul Mitchell Schools. This material has the potential of changing frequently, so flexibility was key. Each sheet
was designed to be hole punched and put into a black, 3-ring binder, so the pages could be interchanged and updates could
be made easily.  Two cd-roms were also housed in the binder. The binder was then housed in a sturdy slip case. Since it's first
print, the material now lives within a "trapper-keeper" like binder so all of the material is in one place.


You can also view the first print packaging by going to Graphic Design > Packaging in the main menu.