Digital Design

Digital design is created to engage and function on all of the digital platforms such as desktop computers, laptop computers, smart tablets and smart phones.



As an example, working with Justice Design Group, a Los Angeles based decorative lighting fixture manufacturer, I was able to create and implement designs for the company's website, email newsletters, digital catalogs and social media platforms.



For the Justice Design Group website project, the goals were to update the look of the website as well as improve the functionality of the site. Here are some of the improvements that were made:

• The new site was created with a content management system (CMS)

• A sleek design, based on the design of the catalogs that I had previously created for the company, was created for the site

• The number of clicks to get to a product were reduced from 6 clicks to 2 clicks

• A showroom and rep finder was added to the site

• Improved "Search" and "Advanced Search" features were implemented

• A "Log In" feature for company reps was added

• Ecatalogs (digital catalogs) were added to the site















Email newsletters were designed to have a similar look and feel as the website. The newsletter templates were created using Constant Contact.














Digital Catalogs

I created digital catalogs for the company. These digital catalogs allow a person to view any one of Justice Designs many catalogs online by using a computer, smart tablet or smart phone. The digital catalogs have many features such as a menu to view thumnails of the pages, a search feature, and a page-flip effect to name a few. These have become great tools for company reps and customers to easily find what they are looking for.














Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience. I created a company Facebook page and Twitter account for Justice Design Group so that they can keep their reps and customers better informed about what is happening and when.