Putting a Spin on Characters


The most fun part of any design project is the beginning where you are freely sketching and letting your imagination run wild. After you've come up with something that looks interesting, you take it to the next level and polish it a bit. If it is still working, you continue to refine your design.

Designing characters for animation or games is no exception. The one thing that is unique about designing characters, or anything that is to have the illusion of three dimensions and will be viewed at different angles, is that a designer must be able to explain visually how the character (or prop) will look at different angles. The way a character designer does this is by "turning" a character, drawing the character in different positions. This happens so that if a design goes into production, the animators or 3D modelers have a blue print of the character to follow to keep the character "on model" or looking the same in all scenes.

A typical turn for an animation character consists of a front, 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back and back view. To get a better look at this character and see more concept art, click here or use the menu above.