About JLAD

Joshua Lam Art and Design (JLAD) is a creative studio that works on various types of projects.  Projects can fall into the realm of logo design, collateral
and brochure design, web site design, packaging, storyboards for live action and animation, catalog and trade show material design as well as print advertising.

Using artistic skill mixed with technology and good business ethics, JLAD produces work that will have an impact on your target audience.

JLAD is led by, you guessed it, Joshua Lam. Joshua graduated in 1997 from Western Kentucky University with a BFA in graphic design. Two weeks later he moved to southern California in search of work as an artist and designer. He landed design positions at award winning agencies and movie studios including Warner Bros. Pictures, where he was an art director for their in-house design agency. After designing for the entertainment industry for nearly 8 years creating movie posters, billboards, brochures, DVD packaging and you name it, Joshua helped to form and was a partner in a design and business consulting company for three years. Realizing he wanted to focus solely on art and design, Joshua left the company he helped to create and started Joshua Lam Art and Design.

JLAD has broad capabilities when it comes to art and design. Whatever the medium, deliberate and thoughtful design that tells the story and makes an impact on the target audience is the goal.